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Karen Cushman

Newbery award-winning children’s book author

Karen Cushman

FAQ #5: Dinner Party

If you could invite four people from history over for dinner, who would be sitting around your dinner table? What food would you serve?

Eleanor Roosevelt, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Oscar Wilde for their strength, intelligence, and wit, and Paul Newman, because who wouldn’t?

I’d serve roast chicken because that’s what I always serve. And salad with grapes and avocados. And pumpkin pie.

3 thoughts on “FAQ #5: Dinner Party”

  1. I would invite

    Agatha Christie
    Sir Francis Drake
    William Blake
    Isabelle Eberhardt

    All because of their interesting lives, different wonderful talents and adventurous spirit.

    I will serve roast chicken, Salad with green peas, avocado, lambs salad, walnuts and mixed greens

    Mousse au chocolat

  2. Hi Karen – dinnertime will be 8 p.m. in five days.
    Looking forward to meeting you.
    Dear Karen, I learned about you reading your novel RODZINA in a literature study course about children and young adult literature held at Goethe University Frankfurt Main by Professor Weldy in Germany.

    I loved it so much and it is right beside me here!

    Best best wishes


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