Karen Cushman

Karen Cushman

Newbery award-winning children’s book author

Karen Cushman

Why I Write for Young People

I’m often asked why I write for young people. The following note from Molly K. should answer that question.

Dear Mrs. Cushman,

Recently I just finished your book The Loud Silence Of Francine Green. It was such a great book. I really felt and feel close to the main character Francine. I am a eighth grade girl and I need to find a high school soon. I also go to a catholic school and I have to wear a skirt. I love how in your book Sophie drew little flowers all over her skirt, I just admire her bravery to stand up for herself and others. When I was finished reading your book I felt a sense of bravery in a way, the way you wrote the book made me feel I could do anything. I am a very introverted girl and I don’t have very many friends. But this year I started coming out of my shell and talking to more to people and I have really talked a lot.  In your book Francine was a very shy girl, then she grew and grew throughout the novel. Then finally at the end she stood up to Sister Basil. I have started to become a girl that stands up for myself and others more and more each passing day. Your book helped me so much, it helped me believe a small, shy girl can do anything she wants.

From one of your biggest fans,

Molly K.