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When I was little, my Polish grandpa took me for walks through the alleys of Chicago. I would collect treasures—rubber bands and marbles, perfectly good pencils, maple leaves and robins’ eggs—and take them home to put in a box under my bed. I think that’s what being a writer is like. The treasures I collect now are bits of information, fantasies, memories, and imaginings, and I take them and put them in a story.

I write historical fiction, novels that may be about made up characters and events but take place in a real time or place. In 2016, my first book of fantasy will be published, Grayling's Song.

Grayling's Song Rodzina Ballad of Lucy Whipple Catherine, Called Birdy Midwife's Apprentice Matilda Bone Will Sparrow's Road Alchemy and Meggy Swann Loud Silence of Francine Green